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Orrville Police Department
207 North Main Street
Orrville, OH 44667

Phone: .......330-684-5025
Emergency: 911
FAX: ..........330-684-5151


Chief Joseph D. Routh

The Orrville Police Department currently has fifteen full-time officers, three part-time officers, three reserve officers, and six civilian employees. The Police Department is a full service department that is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The staff receives continuous up-to-date training that averages 700 hours or more per year. The department's modern communication center, that includes 9-1-1 dispatching, also provides dispatching for one area village police department, and notification for several area village and township fire departments/emergency squads. Included in the police facility is an eight hour jail. Crime is considered low in the community with few serious or violent crimes occurring.

Captain Jay Lax


Five fundamental values form the foundation of the Orrville Police Department: Quality, Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, and Commitment.

The mission of the Orrville Police Department is to preserve and improve the quality of life that is expected and deserved by the people of Orrville. We will accomplish our mission by enforcing the laws, providing professional police service in accordance with our Code of Ethics, and protecting the lives and property of the citizens to the best of our ability.


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Though serious crime is not a major factor in the community, the department believes in being prepared to respond to any possible circumstance. Six of the department's members, in addition to their normal duties, have volunteered to staff the department's Special Response Team (SRT). The SRT trains monthly in the response tactics for special circumstances such as a barricaded armed person, hostage extractions, building searches, building evacuations, and high risk warrant arrests. The SRT is supplied with the latest specialize equipment needed to properly response to situations and yet maintain the highest degree of safety for all involved.


Do you know a drug dealer in Orrville?

Have you seen acts of vandalism that do not get reported?

The Orrville Police Department now has a new confidential tip line at 330-684-5151. Anonymous messages can be left on an answering machine. If you want to be contacted, leave your name and a telephone number and an officer will return your call. This is a completely confidential way in which to report a crime to the police department.

TIP LINE .......... 330-684-5151

Dispatch Center

2002 OFFICER OF THE YEAR:  Kevin Kreakie

In 1971, the Orrville Exchange Club in cooperation with the Orrville Police Department established an "Officer of the Year" Program. The purpose and intent was to provide positive recognition of an officer's efforts and performance during the previous year.

All members of the department cast a vote for up to three officers based on the officer's performance and actions in ten distinct categories as follows:

  • Public Contacts
  • Interpersonal Relations
  • Interest and Enthusiasm
  • Personal Appearance
  • Overall Ability
  • Quality of accident and criminal investigations
  • Outstanding leadership or performance of duties
  • Commendations, heroism above the call of duty or a serious injury in the line of duty
  • Playing a key role in the prevention of a crime or swift apprehension of criminals
  • Outstanding performance in leadership of youth and/or the prevention of juvenile delinquency

The officer receiving the highest number of votes is honored as Officer of the Year by the Exchange Club during the month of February. Besides the award lunch the officer receives a framed certificate, a white award ribbon to be worn on the uniform, and the officer's name is inscribed on a plaque displaced in the lobby of the Police Department.

The following officers were previously honored as Officer of the Year:

Previous Officers of the Year

2001 Kevin Kreakie 1993 Michael Bishop
2000 Christopher Pauley 1992 Dino Carozza
1999 Mike Bishop 1991 Joseph Routh
1998 Dino Carozza 1990 Joseph Routh
1997 Larry Marshall 1989 Joseph Routh
1996 Matt Birkbeck 1988 Joseph Routh
1995 Dino Carozza 1987 Jay Lax
1994 Warren Caskey 1986 Clarence Sullivan


Submitted by Chief Joseph D. Routh:

We experienced an increase in larcenies, vandalisms, and burglaries in 2002.  The majority of the burglaries occurred in the first six months of the year.  During that timeframe, many hours of both marked and unmarked patrol was conducted in and around the neighborhoods.  I feel citizen awareness and additional patrol assisted in curtailing the weekend burglaries.

The department continues to reap benefits from having a school resource officer, and someone who is able to complete needed follow-up on cases.  Detective Caskey works well with the schools.  He provides additional security when he is visiting the buildings.  Detective Caskey is also a resource of information for staff and students.  Detective Caskey continues to work with the Medway Drug Enforcement Agency.  He attends weekly meetings where intelligence of users and supplies are shared.

Our community policing efforts also are reaping benefits.  The officers are spending time at the schools, as well as the Boys and Girls Club.  We continue to have officers patrol on bicycles during the summer months.

This report also shows that we have had a decrease in motor vehicle crashes.

It continues to be an honor and privilege to work with the dedicated and professional dispatchers and officers of this department.  

  2001 2002  
Major Part I Crimes 236 269 Increased
Written Reports 742 827 Increased
Criminal Investigations 637 692 Increased
Reported Part II Offenses 493 550 Increased
Reported $ Loss 66,108 124,219 Increased
Reported Felonies 70 104 Increased
Total Complaints Responded 10,212 10,240 Increased
Accidents 253 249 Decreased

The dispatch center answered 20,571 phone calls for assistance last year and were involved in 18,301 radio transmissions for this department alone. We received an additional 2,496 phone calls for the Dalton Police Department and were involved in an additional 2,792 radio transmissions. We also had 2,755- 911 calls. 

Community/Public Relations Bureau

Submitted by Sgt. Matthew Birkbeck:

As planned 2002 was a year of expansion and growth for the Public Relations Bureau.  Once again there were numerous requests for officers to participate in program including "Eddie Eagle" Firearms Safety, Personal Safety, and Child Fingerprinting.  Articles of interest were written by officers and published in The Daily Record and OrrViews newspapers.  Several tours of the police department were conducted by officers and/or dispatchers.

All totaled, we conducted 25 programs involving 12 members of the Police Department.

Groups requesting the above programs were the YMCA, Salvation Army, Orr Pool Lifeguards/Personnel, Dunlap Memorial Hospital, Orrville Area Boy’s and Girl’s Club, and Boy/Cub Scouts.

The Orrville City Schools were a major focal point for the police department in 2002, and Detective Caskey remained busy acting as the School Resource Officer.  In addition to Detective Caskey's efforts, patrol officers logged an additional 136 visits to the high school, junior high, and all three elementary schools.

Efforts were also made to increase our presence in Orr Park during the summer months.  From May through August, officers made 72 visits to the park that were not prompted by a call for service.

The Orrville Area Boys and Girls Club was identified as a priority for the police department and officers made numerous visits there as well.

In 2003 the Orrville Police Department will look to not only continue but to expand the above programs.

Detective/School Resource Officer

Submitted by Detective Warren A. Caskey:

In 2002 the Orrville Police Department forwarded to the Medway Drug Enforcement Agency 216 pieces of drug information which resulted in six search warrants being executed and 12 defendants in the Orrville area.  Due to our department being active with Medway Drug Enforcement Agency, I was asked to participate on the selection board for a new employee.

During 2002, information was exchanged with all law enforcement agencies within Wayne County, and with Holmes County Sheriff Department, Mansfield Police Department, Adult Parole Authority, Ohio Attorney General Office, Parma Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and many other departments.  I assisted two separate task forces as they executed search warrants within the City of Orrville as part of their investigation.  Once search warrant was the result of an investigation of identify theft involving illegal aliens, and the other search warrant was the result of internet child pornography involving an Orrville resident.  

In 2002 I presented eight topics of discussion to students from the kindergarten class through 12th grade (46 classrooms).  The topics included character education, personal safety, stranger safety, search and seizures, bike safety, Officer Friendly, tour of cruiser and department, and drug related issues.  I continued to work with the staff of the Orrville City Schools dealing with truancy, providing the school with information that could better serve the education process, and security matters.  The school district has provided information to the police department that has helped in the investigation of numerous crimes.  Oak Street staff was instrumental in providing information that lead to the recovery of an unexploded Air Force bomb that later was determined to be inert.  Captain lax and myself continue to participate in the Ohio Reads Program with Captain Lax reading to 2nd graders at Maple Street Elementary, and I read to 2nd graders at Oak Street Elementary.  Captain Lax and I talked with all three elementary schools about a master school walking route.  The Orrville City Schools, Captain Lax, and Ptl. Kevin Kreakie collaborated in the development of the route to provide the safest route for our students to walk back and forth to school.  

During the summer of 2002, the Orrville Area Boys & Girls Club, Orrville City Schools, and the Orrville Police Department co-sponsored a "Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs" Program.  The program is paid for by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources provided 48 sets of fishing tackle that included the poles, reels, hooks, bobbers, nets, books, and other pamphlets.  The kids spent four different days during the summer fishing at Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #34 pond.  On the last day the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #34 provided hamburgers and hot dogs to the kids.  Captain Lax was the cook, and the kids had a great time.  I was also able to assist Tanya Troyer as she presented the Hooked on Fishing program to 6th graders of Oak Street Elementary as part of their outdoor education.

In 2002 the Orrville Police Department officers continued to stop into the Boys and Girls Club to interact with the kids and to share information with staff members to help the club provide a safe environment for all.  I have continued to meet with Jason Troyer to promote this working relationship already in place and to develop new programs.  Ptl. James Davis, Ptl. Christopher Pauley, Ptl. Josh Hunt, and myself conducted a building safety survey which was conducted during November 2002.

Special Operations Bureau

Submitted by Sgt. Howard R. Funk:

The Orrville Police Department’s Special Operations Bureau (SRT) is responsible for developing strategic response to incidents which are outside the scope of day to day patrol operations.  The Special Operations Bureau organizes and maintains the Special Response Team, as well as the Bicycle Patrol Unit.  The bureau also has duties in the areas of training, intelligence gathering, and investigations.  Special enforcement programs that require unique tactics are typically assigned to the Special Operations Bureau.

TIP LINE ..... 684-5151

2002 was another dynamic year for the Special Response Team.  There were two activations of the SRT for high risk warrant service.  Each of these "call outs" required the team to enter and secure a specific location.  The team was utilized due to the potential danger posed by persons at the scene.  After the scene was made safe, various investigative personnel were able to search the premises for evidence.

In addition to the warrant service operations, the SRT continued to engage in monthly training sessions.  Training for the SRT encompassed all manner of high risk missions.  The training sessions also included joint exercises with the University of Akron Police Department Special Response Team.  This cooperative effort allowed for a diverse training environment which was beneficial for both teams.

During the summer of 2002 the Orrville Police Department Bicycle Patrol Unit (BPU)  conducted patrol operations in all parts of the City.  This included business, residential, industrial, and park areas.  In addition to patrol functions, members of the BPU participated in several special assignments.  Among them were Depot Days, the Independence Day festivities, various parades, and a bicycle safety course. 

The Firearms Training Unit once more accomplished its mission in 2002.  OPD officers were challenged with realistic, judgmental firearms training which exceeded the OPOTA standards.  Along with live fire exercises, officers engaged in simmunition training, as well as the Firearms Training Simulator.  These factors combine to provide officers with some of the finest training available in an area that is fraught with liability concerns.

In summary, 2002 was another great year for the Special Operations Bureau.  The officers who comprise the above units continue to strive toward excellence in their preparation for serving the citizens of Orrville in any situation which may occur.

BAC Datamaster Summary

Submitted by Ptl. J. A. Davis:

The BAC Datamaster machine of the Orrville Police Department was replaced this year with a new machine.  The following statistics include tests from both the old and new BAC DataMaster for a yearend total.  The BAC DataMaster machine was used a total of 153 times this year.  Orrville officers ran 79 tests for alcohol related offenses, while 22 tests were done by other departments.  An additional 52 tests were performed for calibrations and proficiency testing.  Calibration tests are done every seven days by a senior operator and proficiency testing is done once a year by each operator.

Facts and Figures

A total of 27 tests were run for underage consumption.
Last years total of underage consumption was 25.
The highest test for UAC was .316 g/210 L Breath.

A total of 69 tests were run for DUI.
The highest test results were .261 g/210 L Breath.
The average test results for a DUI was .187 g/210 L Breath.

Adult Arrests

Juvenile Arrests

Total Traffic Cases

Total Non-Traffic Cases 

(Since December 2003)

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