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City of Orrville, Ohio

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Downloadable Forms and Brochures

The forms provided here can be downloaded, filled out, and either mailed back to the appropriate office.  See the Contact Us links below for additional information in each department.

Boards and Commissions  --  Addl Info

Cemetery                  Contact Us
Pricing, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines
  Cemetery Disinterment
  Mausoleum Engraving
  Memory Garden

City Council               Contact Us
  Public Comment Rules
  Public Comment Notice Form

Fire Department               Contact Us
  Emergency Warning System
Reflective Address Marker Order Form
  For complete Notice of Privacy Practices
Authorization to Use and Disclose form

Income Tax Department               Contact Us
Click for tax department page

Parks & Recreation               Contact Us
  Tournament & League application/rules
  Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball Tournament application/rules

Police Department
  Emergency Alarm Permit application

Safety-Service Department               Contact Us
  Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Commercial/Industrial Tax Incentive
  Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Residential Tax Incentive
  Community Reinvestment Area map

  Job Creation Tax Credit
  Parade Permit application
  Public Record Request
Shade Tree Ordinance
  Sidewalk Installation Policy

  Street Banners application
Tax Abatement Policy
  Trash & Recycling senior citizen discount application

Service Department               Contact Us
  Street Tree Trim or Removal application

Zoning and Planning               Contact Us
  Zoning Certificate application
  Fence Application
  Abutting Neighbor Statement for Conditional Zoning Certificates
  Variance application/instructions
  Home Occupation application
  Temporary Sign application/instructions
  Zoning Amendment application
  Zoning Certificate instructions
  Zoning Application Checklist
  Home Occupation instructions
  Zoning Amendment instructions
  Right-of-Way (Curb Cut) instructions
  Design Review
  Application for Certificate of Appropriateness
  Certificate of Occupancy
  Right-of-Way (Curb Cut) application
  Alley/Street Vacation application
  Subdivision Regulations
  Appendix A:  Minor Subdivision Review Flowchart
  Appendix B:  Major Subdivision Review Flowchart
  Appendix C:  Application for Preliminary Plat Approval
  Appendix D:  Application for Variance
  Appendix F:  Application for Final Plat Approval