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Interest Rates
Interest rate for tax year 2017 is 6%
Interest rate for tax year 2016 is 5%

This rate is the federal short-term rate set in July, rounded to the nearest whole percent, plus 5%. 
Per ORC 718.27

Include a copy of the front page of Federal 1040 to the City return.

Late filing fee is $25 per month, up to $150.
Penalty is 15% of tax amount due.


Orrville Income Tax Department

City income tax forms can be printed and returned to the following address:

City of Orrville
Income Tax Department
207 North Main Street
P.O. Box 61
Orrville, OH 44667


If you have any questions, please contact:

Dave Nussbaum, Administrator
Phone: 330-684-5008
FAX: 330-684-5023
E-Mail: dnussbaum@orrville.com

Office Hours: M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.




Individual Registration
2016 Individual Return (IR)
2016 Individual Return (EZ)
2016 General Tax Information
2016 Individual Instructions (IR)
2016 Individual Instructions (EZ)

Declaration of Estimated Tax Information
Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Vouchers (Q1)

2015 Individual Return (IR)

2015 Individual Return (EZ)
2014 Individual Return (IR)
2014 Individual Return (EZ)


Business or Contractor Registration
Business Net Profit Return
Business Return Information
Withholding Tax Return (EQR or W1)
Declaration of Estimated Tax
Estimated Tax Payment Vouchers (Q1)


*The above forms and instructions are Adobe Acrobat PDF format.    The Adobe Acrobat software is available for Free by downloading from their website.