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Mayor's Office

Finance Dept.

Law Dept.

Safety-Service Dept.
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Utilities Dept.

Human Resources





Mayor's Office David T. Handwerk, Mayor
Mayoral duties are to exercise supervision and control of all departments and divisions of the city and to see that all laws, ordinances and resolutions are faithfully obeyed and enforced. The Mayor is the recognized official and ceremonial head of city government. 


Finance Dept. Janet L. Strimlan, Director  
The Director of Finance shall have knowledge of municipal accounting and taxation, and shall have had knowledge of municipal accounting and taxation, and shall have had experience in budgeting and financial control. The Director shall have charge of the administration of the financial affairs of the City under the direction of the Mayor.

Law Dept. Cheryl M. Kirkbride, Director
The Law Director serve as legal counsel to the administrative and legislative branches of the City.

Safety-Service Dept. Steven M. Wheeler, Director
The Safety-Service Director shall be responsible to the Mayor for the general supervision and proper operation of the Departments of Police, Fire, Streets, Parks, Pool, and Cemeteries The Safety-Service Director is also responsible for the Zoning and Planning of the City.


Utilities Dept. Jeff Brediger, Director Utilities Webpage
The Public Utilities Board shall appoint a Director of Utilities, who shall be the managing head of the Department of Public Utilities, and who shall be responsible to the Board for the proper operation and maintenance of the utilities which are under the control of the Board


Human Resources Phil McFarren, Human Resources Manager
  Human Resources is responsible for establishing and coordinating policies and procedures for recruitment and selection of employees, employee compensation, benefits, and training.  The HR Department is is also charged with coordinating the City's relations with the unions representing City employees.  Click here for Job Opportunities with the City of Orrville.