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Public Comment Rules

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a.     Unless specifically invited to speak by Council or the Administration, any person desiring to speak on any matter pertinent to municipal affairs may do so during the public comment time at an Orrville City Council meeting.  The intended comment topic(s) must be submitted in a legible written format to City Hall no later than 4:00 p.m. on the Friday prior to the meeting at which they intend to make comment.  Comment topics may be personally delivered or mailed to Orrville City Hall, 207 N. Main Street, Orrville, Ohio, ATTN:  City Council Comments, or e-mailed or faxed to 330-684-5039 ATTN: City Council Comments. 

The written notice of comment topics must include the individualís name, address, telephone number, and Council meeting date at which you wish to comment.   See attached Public Comment Notice Form.

If the deadline has passed, and an individual believes it was impossible or impractical to meet the deadline designated herein, that individual may contact any Council member to request that the Council member make a motion to allow the individualís public comment at the meeting in question.  Any Council member may make the requested motion if the Council member believes in good faith that it was impossible or impractical for the individual to have submitted the requisite notice in a timely manner and the comment topic(s) are of such importance and urgency that they cannot wait to the next regularly scheduled Council meeting.  If a motion is made, it shall then take a majority vote of Council members present to allow the individual to comment at that meeting.

b.     Public comment shall be limited to a three-minute time limit per speaker.  Said time limit may be extended by motion of any Council member and a majority vote of members present.  An individual making comment must state his or her name and address before stating his or her comments.