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Boards and Commissions

City Council
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Board of Zoning Appeals
Boards of Control
Civil Service Commission
Design Review Board
Firemens Dependency Fund
Planning Commission
Public Utility Board
Shade Tree Commission

The Public Utility Board consists of five members, appointed by the Mayor with the approval of Council. They are responsible for the operation and maintenance of, and any improvements or expansions of, the electric, water, and sanitary sewer utilities of the City. The Board appoints the Director of Utilities, who is the managing head of Orrville Municipal Utilities.  

Term:  5 years, appointed by Mayor
Meeting Time: 2nd & 4th Mon of each month, excluding August, at 6:30 p.m.
Gary Gossard
1945 Wadsworth Road
Phone 330-682-6447
Term expires 12-31-19
Russell Miller
643 E Paradise Street
Phone 330-465-2518
Term expires 12-31-20
Brad Strausbaugh
210 Westwood Avenue
Phone 330-682-5821
Term expires 12-31-18
Don McFarlin
120 Heron Drive
Phone 330-464-5907
Term expires 12-31-17
Michele Abel
519 S Main Street
Phone 330-347-7509

Term expires 12-31-21

The Civil Service Commission consists of three members appointed by the Mayor. The Commission has the power to adopt rules and regulations concerning the selection, promotion, demotion, discipline and removal of employees within the classified service of the City.  

Term:  6 years, appointed by Mayor
Meeting Time: 1st Thurs of each month at 7 p.m.
Carol Pleuss
803 South Main Street
Ph: 330-682-4381
Term expires 12-31-19
Arlin Steiner
1626 S. Kohler Road
Ph: 330-464-5129
Term expires 12-31-17
Steve Seifried
1931 Primrose Lane
Ph: 330-683-0553
Term expires 12-31-21

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor, as well as the Mayor and the Safety-Service Director. The Planning Commission has the authority to review commercial or industrial construction, all new development, including the addition of streets, parks, public ground, and utilities, and all conditional zoning certificates. The Commission also reviews all requests for alley or street vacations, lot replatting, and zoning amendments.  

Meeting Time:  3rd Thurs of each month at 3 pm

Term:  5 years, appointed by Mayor

Meeting Calendar
Zoning Forms

Robert Snyder (Chairman)
1969 Primrose Lane
Ph: 330-683-4836
Term expires 4-30-20
Jen Phillips
915 South Main Street
Ph: 330-682-0293
Term expires 4-30-18
Norman Hibinger
1930 West Market Street
Ph: 330-682-4977
Term expires 4-30-21
Jim Davis (Secretary)
1239 Dogwood Drive
Ph: 330-988-2479
Term expires 4-30-17
Ned Hostetler (Vice-Chairman)
1502 Rex Drive
Ph: 330-682-7876
Term expires 4-30-19
Dave Handwerk, Mayor

Steve Wheeler, Safety-Service Director

The Board of Zoning Appeals consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and approved by Council. The sixth member is the Safety-Service Director. The Board determines all appeals from any decision or action of the City in the administration or enforcement of the Zoning Code, as well as determining all appeals from the refusal of the Safety-Service Director or Planning Commission to issue zoning certificates or conditional zoning certificates.  

Meeting Time: 3rd Mon of each month at 6:30 pm
Clerk:  Jeanne Gault
Term:   3 years, appointed by Mayor

Variance Application form
Meeting Schedule/Deadlines

Al Lehman
536 South Main Street

Ph: 330-683-0409
Term expires 12-31-17
Kevin Domer
751 Lehman Street
Ph: 330-683-5011
Term expires 12-31-17
Dave Mowrer
1722 Lynn Drive
Ph:  330-201-4554
Term expires 12-31-18
Lauri Besancon
924 Arlington Drive
Ph:  330-683-2668
Term expires 12-31-19
  Troy Higgins
404 Briarwood Avenue
Ph:  330-621-4149
Term expires 12-31-19

The Shade Tree Commission consists of four members appointed by the Mayor. The Safety-Service Director is the fifth member. The Commission establishes rules and regulations for the planting, care, pruning, and removal of street trees within the City.  

Term:  3 years, appointed by Mayor
Susan Vernon
1185 North Crown Hill Rd
Ph: 330-682-5746
Term expires 6-15-17
Gene Pouly
421 E Fike Avenue
Ph: 330-683-8733

Term expires 6-15-19
Matt Plybon
1927 Sunnyview Lane
Ph: 330-682-8553
Term expires 6-15-18
Esther Leggett
969 Apple Blossom Lane
Ph: 330-682-6365
Term expires 6-15-17
Steve Wheeler, Safety-Service Director

The Boards of Control include the General Board of Control consisting of the Mayor, Safety-Service Director and Finance Director, and the Utilities Board of Control includes the Mayor, Utilities Director, and Finance Director. The Boards have the responsibility of considering and awarding contracts as Council authorizes by ordinance.  

The Volunteer Firemen's Dependency Fund Board consists of five members (two elected by Council, two elected by the Fire Department, and one elected by the other four members). The Board reviews and processes all claims for benefits to be paid to surviving spouse and dependent children of volunteer firefighters killed in the line of duty.

Term: 1 year (2 by Council; 2 by Fire Dept; 1 elected by others).  
Expires 12-31-17
Robert Ballentine
223 North Vine Street
Ph: 330-684-5050
William Earnsberger
324 Fair Street
Ph: 330-682-8566
Edward Hershey
113 West Paradise Street
Ph: 330-684-2837
Jonathon Gresser
1748 West Market Street
Ph: 330-683-8421
Chuck Back
1868 Meadow Lane
Ph: 330-682-4961

The Design Review Board consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation from Council.  The Board shall review any proposed new construction, reconstruction, alterations, and demolition to property within the designated Design Review area.
Term:  3 years, appointed by Mayor

Meeting Time: 2nd Thurs of each month at 7 p.m.

Barb Weaver
528 Spring Street
Ph: 330-682-1751
Term expires: 12-31-18

Current Agenda
Past Minutes
Design Review ordinance
Design Review area map
Meeting & Deadline Schedule
Application for Certificate of Appropriateness
Zoning Forms

Audrey Merckle
18187 Jericho Rd., Dalton
Ph: 330-683-3384
Term expires: 12-31-18
Darin Johnson
521 Jerome Drive
Phone:  unlisted
Term expires: 12-31-19
Todd Wallace
528 South Vine Street
Phone:  unlisted
Term expires: 12-31-19
Steve Snyder
1425 West Market Street
Ph: 330-682-6803
Term expires: 12-31-17
Mike Hamsher
320 South Mill Street
Ph: 330-682-0216
Term expires: 12-31-17
Sue Ann Werntz
1295 Independence Drive
Ph: 330-317-6726
Term expires: 12-31-17

The City of Orrville will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who wish to attend meetings; 72 hours advance notice is required.  You may wish to notify the Safety-Service Director's office by calling 330-684-5000 or TTY 330-684-5069.